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  2. Object Library

Object Library

The programmatic objects in this project are designed, to the extent possible, so that they can be re-used in other projects and modified if necessary. This object library contains descriptions of these objects and instructions for downloading and using them.

  1. Overview of the Apps
  2. HTML and Special JavaScript Files
  3. Images and Style Sheets

1. Overview of the Apps

The apps in this project are small, self-contained programs that run in web pages. They are intended to illustrate concepts and techniques from probability and statistics in an interactive, dynamic way.

The apps in the library contain no explicit mathematical exposition and thus can be used by students at various levels (with appropriate guidance from the instructor). The apps are intended to be small micro-worlds where students can run virtual versions of random experiments and play virtual versions of statistical games. Read the app instructions for more information about the apps, including the graphical user interface.

The apps in this project are constructed using HTML5 technologies, specifically JavaScript, the HTML5 Canvas element and enhanced form elements. To download an app for use in your own website, you need the following:

Core JavaScript Files

The JavaScript code is constructed in an object-oriented way, so that the objects can be modified and reused. The core JavaScript files are

2. HTML and Special JavaScript Files

The following is a list of all of the apps in this project. Each item in the list contains a link to the app page. Use your browser's view source command to explore and save the HTML file. Each item in the list below also contains a link to the special JavaScript file for the app

Simple Probability and Combinatorics

Geometric Models

Bernoulli Trials

Finite Sampling Models


Games of Chance

Renewal Process

Interacting Particle Systems

Special Distributions

Random Samples

Point Estimation

Interval Estimation

Hypothesis Testing

Markov Processes

Brownian Motion

3. Images and Style Sheets


The core images used in most apps are

The specialized images are

CSS Style Sheets

We have tried to implement the best practice of separating content from presentation, through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The CSS language is a standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).