Prussian Horse Kick Data


The data above give the number of soilders in the Prussian cavalry killed by horse kicks, by corp membership and by year. The years are from 1875 to 1894, and there are 14 different cavalry corps: the first column corresponds to the guard corp and the other columns to corps 1 through 11, 14, and 15. The data are from Distributome project and are derived from the book by Andrews and Herzberg. The original source of the data is the classic book by von Bortkiewicz (references are given below). The data are famous because they seem to fit the Poisson model reasonably well.


  1. Distributome Project
  2. Data: a collection of problems from many fields for the student and research worker. DF Andrews, AM Herzberg
  3. The Law of Small Numbers, Ladislaus Bortkiewicz

Standard Formats

The links below gives the data set in tab-separated text format and comma-separated text format. These are standard formats that can be imported into most statistical and spreadsheet software.